Is it good to have a top spray for a shower? Is it necessary to buy a top spray for a shower

1、 What is top spray?
Top spray refers to a nozzle above a shower or shower head, used to spray water downwards, which can increase the area and water flow of the shower. Top spraying is usually divided into two types: one is directional type, which can adjust the direction of water spraying; The other type is multi-directional, which can simultaneously spray water from multiple directions.
2、 Advantages of top spraying
1. Increase shower area
Top spraying can disperse the water flow, expand the shower area, make the water flow more uniform, and make the shower more comfortable.
2. Increase water flow rate
Top spraying can increase water flow and make showers more enjoyable. Especially in summer, top spray can help you rinse off sweat and shower gel faster, making you feel more refreshed.
3. Easy cleaning
Top spraying can make the water flow more uniform, reduce the generation of scale, and make cleaning easier.