The working principle of a constant temperature faucet

The working principle of constant temperature faucets and constant temperature showers is similar, they all have a valve core, and there is a temperature sensing element inside this valve core. This temperature sensing element is made of paraffin or nickel titanium alloy. It will change its shape according to temperature changes, such as components made of paraffin. When the water temperature changes, the volume of paraffin changes. Then, the valve core proportion is adjusted through the control shaft, which can adjust the water temperature to maintain a certain temperature and achieve the effect of constant temperature water outlet.
The valve core of a constant temperature faucet is very precise, so the prerequisite is that the water quality is good, as poor water quality can affect the sensitivity of the valve core. When purchasing a constant temperature faucet, it is usually equipped with two filter screens, which are installed inside the water inlet nut to filter impurities.
The function of a constant temperature faucet can only maintain a constant outlet temperature, and it does not display the water temperature or specify the size of the water temperature; The handwheel scale of the faucet can only be an approximate value, which is not accurate. Normally, thermostatic faucets have overheating protection, around the 38 ° mark. If you want to increase the water temperature, you must press the raised button to turn the handwheel.