Installation and precautions for thermostatic faucets

1. When the water pressure difference between hot and cold water is too large, use a screwdriver to adjust the valve of the bracket.
2. The presence of powdery sediment or soft foreign objects in tap water can reduce the sensitivity of the thermostatic valve core and shorten the service life of the thermostatic faucet.
3. The cold and hot water supply pipes must not be installed incorrectly, the hot water pipe must be on the left, and the cold water pipe must be on the right.
4. Before installing the thermostatic faucet, clean the site to avoid small sand and stone hard blocks from damaging the rubber ring, thread, thermostatic valve core, and other parts of the faucet.
5. The constant temperature faucet itself does not have heating function. Please adjust the water temperature of the water heater to 60 ℃~85 ℃.
6. After use, it is best to adjust the water temperature adjustment knob on the left to below 40 ℃.