How to remove the kitchen faucet?

Step 1: First, prepare the tools: screwdriver, wrench, and pliers. If only replacing components (such as sealing rings), then prepare this component. Then close the main valve.
Step 2: Remove the small screws on or behind the faucet handle and remove the handle fixed to the faucet body. Some faucet screws are hidden under metal buttons, plastic buttons, or plastic sheets. As long as the button is turned on, you will see the handle screws installed at the top. The screws of a faucet that has been in use for a long time may become very tight due to rust and other reasons, and some lubricating oil can be dropped in.
Step 3: If the screw is hidden in the hole, it is recommended to use a flashlight to observe first, mainly to see what the fixed screw inside is, whether it is a cross or a straight line, and then use the corresponding screwdriver to loosen it. The screw of a few brands of faucets has an inner square hole (such as Moen), which can be difficult to remove. When using alternative tools, it is important to be particularly careful not to damage the screw port. After loosening this screw, the handle can be removed.
Step 4: At this point, what you see is a large copper nut. After disassembling the nut with a large adjustable wrench, you can remove the valve core of the faucet. Observe the copper surface under the valve core for any unevenness or fine sand particles, and remove them thoroughly.